are fast chargers bad for your phone

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Not really

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  • Is fast charging bad for your phone battery?

  • And as you may already know, heat is bad for your battery鈥攅specially lithium-ion battery, which is what most smartphones use today. That’s why fast charging systems strive to reduce the heat as much as possible while increasing the output. But is fast charging damaging your device鈥檚 battery?

  • Does leaving your phone on the Charger damage the battery?

  • Whether you are charging a battery with a quick charger or a slow charger, it will not damage your battery if you leave your phone on the charger after it has completed charging once in a while. New phones are designed so that they cannot overcharge, so you don鈥檛 need to worry about your phone frying because it is overcharged.

  • What is considered fast charging on a phone?

  • Most commonly, smartphone manufacturers label anything above 10 watts as a fast charging rate. However, there鈥檚 no industry standard on what is considered fast-charging speed. The higher the number, the quicker the rate of charging. Will Fast Charging Damage the Battery?

  • Do you need a special charger for fast charging?

  • As we alluded to above, this is particularly true when it comes to fast charging, as phone makers like to deploy their own standards and methods-for the maximum fast charging rates, you’ll usually need to plug in the charger specifically made for your phone. Use other chargers if you need to, but the official charger when you can.

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