are inmate phone calls public record

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  • Do correctional facilities record phone calls?

  • Inmate鈥檚 telephone calls and visitations within many correctional institutions are recorded and for investigators this can be an evidentiary goldmine. Most facilities that record inmate鈥檚 calls or visitations play a preliminary recorded message informing the inmate that their call or visitation will be recorded.

  • Why do inmates use cell phones instead of the telephone?

  • In several cases inmates used this as their preferable means of communication rather than talking on the telephone due to concerns that telephone calls were being recorded.

  • Can law enforcement listen to your phone calls while in prison?

  • Some correctional institution telephone service providers have the ability to program local attorneys telephone numbers into their phone system and blocked them to the extent that inmates can still speak with their attorneys but law enforcement will not have access to those calls when scanning or scrutinizing recordings.

  • Are prison phone calls recorded in Philadelphia?

  • The bottom line is that prison phone calls, and in many cases in-person prison visits, are recorded. This is particularly true in Philadelphia where all prison phone calls are recorded and a warning is played before each call.

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