are prepaid phones traceable

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Prepaid cell phones aretraceablebut the owner not so much. If authorities or the network service provider has the cell phone number or/and the IMEI identification number,they can trace the location of the phone.

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  • Can prepaid cell phones be traced?

  • The prepaid cell phone will not be registered to you. This is why you can鈥檛 be traced even though the cell phone鈥檚 location can. The IMEI number is like the ID of the phone. This is a serial number that pertains only to your device. With this number, the person can easily track the device鈥檚 location. Now, this is not easy to get hands-on.

  • What is an untraceable cell phone?

  • Untraceable in this sense means untraceable to a person, or anonymous use of a cell phone. I have always been curious about prepaid, no-contract cell phones and decided the best way to learn about them was to buy one for myself.

  • Can you trace a cell phone number without personal information?

  • March 31, 2015 There are a number of resources available to help trace a cell phone or land line phone number. However, it can be difficult to trace the location or person behind a prepaid cell phone number since there a prepaid cell phone can be purchased and used without using personal information.

  • Are prepaid cell phones safe to use?

  • With all the bad things that happen on a daily basis in our country, I was confident that prepaid cell phones weren鈥檛 something that could be used for the wrong reasons. Surely there would be some kind of identification check, right? The short answer is no.

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