can i mail a cell phone with battery

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  • How many batteries do I need to mail a cell phone?

  • If the lithium-ion battery has a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh, each package must contain no more than two batteries. It’s sensible to mail a cell phone with signature confirmation and sufficient insurance to cover the cost of the phone.

  • Can you send a mobile phone with a battery in it?

  • They鈥檙e not the easiest to digest but put simply you can send a mobile phone with no problems whatsoever as long as the battery is contained within or sent with the mobile phone itself and it鈥檚 well packaged.

  • Can You Send batteries through Royal Mail?

  • The answer is yes, Royal Mail permits the sending of batteries but there are a few regulations in place.

  • Can You ship a cell phone with USPS?

  • However, when it comes to cell phones, the lithium ion batteries are installed within the equipment they power, so USPS won鈥檛 restrict you to ground transportation. When you ship with USPS, you can ship a phone with any air-based service, such as First Class Package.

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