can i pay at target with my phone

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Target nowaccepts contactless payment,also known as NFC,at our stores. Simply hold your contactless card,mobile device or wearable over the card reader screen to initiate payment until the confirmation that the payment was successful displays on the screen,and then follow the prompts on your device or card reader screen.

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  • How do I make payments for service at Target?

  • Hi Joan, thanks for your question. Our customers aren鈥檛 able to make payments for service at Target. But you can go online to your account, call us, send in your payments, or you can set it up for automatic payments each month if you鈥檇 like.

  • Can I buy your phones at Target?

  • We are available at Target, but we are not available through online sales. You can see which Target stores carry our phones by using our Store Locator at If you run into any trouble, feel free to give us a call at 888-345-5509.

  • Can I make my target red card payment in-store?

  • Just remember to include your information with your payment so that the people receiving it know who sent the money and what it is for. Since you likely are already inside Target a lot, you can try making your Target Red Card payment in-store.

  • How do I avoid late payment fees on my target card?

  • How To Avoid REDcard Late Payment Fees 1 Go to the Target credit card login page and sign in with your username and password. 2 When you arrive at the 鈥淢anage My REDcard鈥?page, click on 鈥淪chedule a Payment鈥?in the 鈥淧ayment Information鈥?category on the left. 3 Follow the steps to schedule a payment in advance.

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