can i sue someone for breaking my phone

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If someone breaks your phone,whether by accident or on purpose,then it can cause you a lot of emotional distress. You may not realize that you are actually able to sue someone for breaking your smartphone.You will need an attorney to represent you.

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  • Can you sue someone for breach of contract?

  • Lawsuits can be a headache. In some cases, though, they are the only way to get what you are legally owed. The process may seem overwhelming, but with the right preparation, you can successfully sue someone for breach of contract.

  • Can I Sue T-Mobile in court for breaking the law?

  • So if you鈥檙e a current T-Mobile customer who has passed that 30-day mark, you have no way to sue the company in court if they break the law.

  • Can you sue for a broken promise?

  • Almost everyone has broken a promise from time to time. Very few broken promises result in lawsuits. This raises the question鈥?can you sue over a broken promise? The general rule is that broken promises, by themselves, are not actionable in court. However, there is a little-known exception: promissory estoppel.

  • Can I sue for damages?

  • You have the legal right to sue for damages for the amount that it takes to fix or replace your damaged or lost property. If you can鈥檛 prove how much you lost, you won鈥檛 get awarded compensation for it.

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