can i switch my applecare to a new phone

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  • Can I transfer my AppleCare plan to a new device?

  • You can also transfer your AppleCare coverage plan between your own devices that are the same type of product and within 30 days of your original device purchase. When we replace your device instead of repairing it, we鈥檒l automatically transfer your plan to your new device.

  • Can I add AppleCare to an old iPhone?

  • As long as it’s an iPhone you can add AC+ to it. And I would call 1-800-MYAPPLE and say ‘AppleCare’ when the automated response comes on, they’re very easy to get through to because everyone’s flooding the iOS or sales lines. I have received prorated refunds from Apple many times when I sell my 1 year old iPhones and iPads with no problem.

  • Can I get AppleCare+ on a refurbished iPhone?

  • Apple offers 鈥孉ppleCare鈥? protection to customers going through the 鈥宨Phone鈥?order process on its online store, but it’s perfectly possible to get coverage after you’ve received your 鈥宨Phone鈥? even if it’s a refurbished device. What is AppleCare+ and How Much Does it Cost?

  • Is AppleCare+ worth it when buying a used Apple device?

  • AppleCare+ plans are a life-saver when it comes to protecting your Apple devices. If and when you buy and sell an used Apple device, make sure to do all your due diligence using our tips above to keep yourself protected. Mike is a freelance journalist from San Diego, California.

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