can i upgrade my sprint phone at t mobile

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In simple terms, Sprint uses a CDMA network, whereas T-Mobile uses GSM. These 2 are completely different networks, and Sprint phones don鈥檛 work well with other wireless network carriers. There if you have a Sprint phone,always recommended to upgrade to GSM based phone.

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  • Are T-Mobile customers with upgraded plans still on sprint?

  • A T-Mobile representative informs us that customers with these upgraded plans are still on the Sprint platform, and these are not technically T-Mobile plans, merely plans with T-Mobile-like benefits. Our coverage has been corrected.

  • How do I upgrade my T-Mobile phone plan?

  • Both of T-Mobile鈥檚 upgrade programs are simple to use. They require a credit check if you鈥檙e a new customer, a postpaid phone plan through T-Mobile, and you need to have no debts on your account. If you鈥檝e satisfied all of the requirements, then all you need to do is head into a T-Mobile store and ask about their upgrade programs.

  • How do I upgrade my Device with Sprint?

  • Once you’re ready to upgrade your device, Sprint has several great options for eligible customers. You can determine your upgrade status at any time by visiting . We have listed your upgrade options below and also have provided some general terms of our program.

  • What is T-Mobile’s Sprint Forward initiative?

  • T-Mobile’s Sprint Forward Initiative steps The Sprint Customer Promise – this appears to simply be a general statement of goodwill intent. Sprint Select – a program of incentives for those who are ready to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile. Sprint TechUp – upgrades for Sprint customers whose phones may stop working after the Sprint network shutdown.

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