can i use a satellite phone on a plane

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You can absolutelyuse a satellite phone indoors,whether in a building,car,boat,airplane,or any other enclosed space as long as you install an unobstructed antenna on the outside of the vehicle or structure. Outfitter Satellite carries kits for in-building,in-vehicle,in-aircraft,and marine satellite phones.

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  • Can you use your own cell phone on a plane?

  • 鈥淧icocells,鈥?which can be installed on planes to act as miniature cell phone towers, route phone calls to terrestrial systems via satellite link. This means customers can use their own cell phones for the price of an international call.

  • Can I use a satellite phone without power from the grid?

  • Satellites do not rely on the terrestrial power grid. Of course, you’ll need a way to charge your satellite phone, but that can be accomplished during the day with a solar charging system. 4. You can’t use a satellite phone when cell service goes down

  • Can you use a satellite phone when traveling abroad?

  • Before traveling to any foreign country, including the ones listed above, it鈥檚 important to research the most current laws regarding satellite phone usage. A country鈥檚 current political situation or a state of unrest can affect communication laws, and restrictions can change frequently.

  • Can you use a satellite phone when cell service goes down?

  • You can’t use a satellite phone when cell service goes down Why it’s wrong:This myth originates with people who simply don’t know the difference between a satellite phone and a cell phone, or what a satellite phone really is. In a way, it’s normal to assume no phones means no phones at all, but don’t forget that satellite phones are different.

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