can i use my phone to measure temperature

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  • Does my phone have a thermometer?

  • Although all phones are equipped with internal thermometer sensors, there are different ways to check whether your phone is equipped with a temperature sensor. One of the best ways is to download a sensor checker that checks sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, as well as temperature sensors.

  • Does the temperature sensor on my iPhone measure the room temperature?

  • The temperature sensors on your smartphone do not measure the temperature of the room. Instead, these sensors serve an important purpose for your phone, avoiding overheating harm to your battery and other components. You鈥檒l need to use a different device to monitor the ambient temperature with your iPhone.

  • How do I check the temperature of my phone?

  • All smartphones are equipped with internal temperature sensors. Your CPU is equipped with a temperature sensor, as well as your RAM, and even your battery should have one. External temperature can measure real-time temperature and provide a report on those temperatures.

  • What is the best app to check room temperature?

  • 11 Best apps to check room temperature (Android iOS) 1 My AcuRite. My AcuRite is an application that allows you to turn almost any smartphone into a thermometer. 2 Room Temperature Measure. 3 HD Thermometer. 4 Room Temperature App. 5 Thermometer. More items

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