can life360 see when you are on your phone

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You should know that there isno waythe Life360 app can see your phone screen. The app has no hidden user functions and cannot spy on you. Life360 will only report your location with your permission.

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  • Can Life360 track your location while your phone is on?

  • Also, as a location tracking app, once you allow Life360 to access your location services, it can track your real-time location while your phone turned on. 4 What Happens If I Delete the Life360 App?

  • Can Life360 see what apps I am using while driving?

  • If you use your phone while driving, then Life360 can see if you are talking on the phone or texting. It can also see if one of your apps is running in the foreground. It can read what the app鈥檚 name from its uninstall page. However, it doesn鈥檛 tell people in your circle which apps you are using.

  • What is the Life360 app?

  • The Life360 app is a location-sharing app that uses real-time GPS data to share the location of the device with other family members who also have the app installed. The Life360 app also tracks driving habits and can report unsafe driving or accidents to family members.

  • Does Life360 have access to my text messages?

  • This is a common question among many people, they want to know the extent of their privacy with this app installed on their phones. The Life360 app does not have access to your text messages. It cannot view or read your messages. The Life360 app has a social media component that allows users to share messages with each other.

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