can sprint track my phone

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  • How much does it cost to track a Sprint phone?

  • Sprint Family Locator supports all Sprint and Nextel phones, and they charge $5 to locate 4 numbers, but you can enjoy a 15-day free trial. Update, Sprint family locator uses a combination of GPS, WiFi hot spots, and cell towers to determine the location of the mobile device being tracked.

  • How can I track my Lost Sprint phone?

  • The Aside from locating your family members, you can also use this sprint phone tracker to locate your phone in case you have lost it or it was stolen. Thanks to Sprint phone locator, parents can now check the activities of their children and their mobile phone.

  • Does Sprint cell phone locator work?

  • The answer is YES. Sprint phone locator is the original application made by Sprint to give you a live update of the location of the devices you have chosen and connected to it. Although the first 15 days are free, users must obtain their premium plan to be able to use the service thereafter.

  • Is there a family tracker for Sprint cell phones?

  • Sprint GPS cell phone tracker 鈥?family locator. Like Verizon鈥檚 cell phone locator, Sprint family locator is another mobile phone tracking service. According to their website, Sprint Family Locator uses a combination of different techniques (I am quite curious about what they are) to locate cell phones.

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