can workers comp tap your phone

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  • Can the insurance company Tap Your Phone?

  • Fortunately, the insurance companies DO NOT have the power to tap your phones and I have never heard of them hiring companies to call your phone to ask questions. If you would like a free review of the denial letter and a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Can my employer listen to my phone calls?

  • Whether it’s a call made from the phone at your desk or from an employer-provided cell phone after work hours, your employer often has wide latitude to monitor your communications. Your employer has the right to listen in to any business-related telephone call on your work landline phone, even if they do not let you know they are listening.

  • Can I use my own cell phone for work?

  • According to the PRC, those things include text messages, emails, internet use, location, contacts, call logs, photos, and videos. If you’re permitted to do so, you may prefer to use your own cell phone for work. Your employer is likely to state in writing its privacy policy regarding your personal phone.

  • What happens if a judge approves a phone tap?

  • If the judge approves the tap on your cell or landline, here what happens next. Agents contact the carrier for the phone to be tapped, and all phone calls will be intercepted. A third party can listen in right away, or it can be recorded.

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