can you add minutes to a safelink phone

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  • How do I receive minutes for my SafeLink phone?

  • In order to receive your monthly allotment of minutes, you will need to leave you SafeLink Phone powered On during the first few days of each month. Airtime minutes or data units will be deducted for all time during which your SafeLink Phone is connected to, or using, the wireless system of any Carrier.

  • What happens if I run out of airtime minutes on SafeLink?

  • Your SafeLink Phone will only operate when you airtime minutes and/or data available on the it. If you run out of your free monthly allotment of airtime, you may purchase and add additional airtime card (鈥淎irtime Card鈥? to your Phone. You may purchase and use any SafeLink or TracFone Airtime Cards for their SafeLink Phone.

  • How does the SafeLink program work?

  • While you are enrolled in the SafeLink Program, you will receive a free monthly allotment of airtime minutes, as approved in your state. SafeLink airtime is issued in minute (or unit) increments. Units are deducted from the SafeLink Phone at a rate of one (1) unit per minute or partial minute of use.

  • What happens to my phone service if I deactivate SafeLink?

  • You may purchase airtime and service days to keep your service active. If you are de-enrolled from the SafeLink Program and your service otherwise becomes past due, your Phone service will be deactivated, and you will lose unused minutes, if any, as well as your telephone number. Non-Usage De-Enrollment and Deactivation.

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