can you fax from your cell phone

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  • How to fax from a mobile phone?

  • Once you install and set up the app on your phone, you will be able to fax documents to and from your mobile phone. To make matters even easier, the faxing apps can be integrated with apps such as DropBox or Google Drive. The best thing about FaxBurner, though, is that you can download their app using official Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Can I send faxes over email?

  • Being able to send faxes over email means that any mobile device can easily send faxes without needing to install an extra app. Ultimately, there鈥檚 no single best fax application for everyone.

  • How can I send a fax without signing up?

  • Another app that allows you to send faxes without registering or subscribing to anything, FreeFax lets you take a photo of your document and fax it directly from your phone; along with the ability to transmit email and certain email attachments as well.

  • Why should I use an Android fax app?

  • Being able to send a fax quickly and easily from your phone or tablet is a huge time-saver. Whether you鈥檙e on the road, at home or in the office, the Android fax app gets your time-sensitive documents such as invoices or contracts delivered fast. Easy and convenient way to fax. Save money, time, and paper using this app. Great customer service.

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