can you have a cell phone in jail

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  • Are cell phones allowed in prisons?

  • Cell Phones in Prison: Contraband. Prev NEXT. Smuggled cell phones are a headache for prisons. Another way for inmates to dodge prison eavesdropping is to gain their own phones. Prison authorities have found it’s surprisingly easy for prison inmates to get their hands on working cell phones (with chargers to boot).

  • Can cell phone jamming devices be used in prisons?

  • Unfortunately for prisons, cell phone jamming (interfering with radio waves to block cell phone communication) is not a viable option — at least not in the U.S., where cell phone jamming devices are illegal as a result of property laws.

  • Can I Call my client in prison?

  • You must not call your client in prison using a mobile phone. You must also instruct your employees accordingly. If you receive a call from a prisoner via a mobile phone, you must terminate the call immediately if you are sure that the call is from the mobile phone and the person is in prison.

  • Is it a criminal offence to text someone in prison?

  • As McCabe discovered, not only is possession of a mobile phone in prison a criminal offence 鈥?it鈥檚 also an offence to deliberately contact an inmate on a contraband phone 鈥?via text or phone call.

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