can you have a cell phone in jail

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  • Are cell phones allowed in prisons?

  • In the event you do not know, cell phones and iPads (Microsoft Surface MSFT -1.6%) are illegal in federal prisons. However, they are everywhere in prisons across the country.

  • How are phones smuggled into prisons?

  • The phones are smuggled into prisons through the mail, visitors to the prison, corrupt correctional officers, and, more recently, by drones that drop them on prison yards. In January of this year, FCI Miami prison staff confiscated over 50 cell phones in a single day.

  • What happens when a cell phone is confiscated in a prison?

  • Congress passed the Contraband Cell Phone Act that prohibits the possession of cell phones in prisons by unauthorized persons, like inmates. When a cellular device is confiscated, it is sent to BOP鈥檚 Forensic Laboratory in Washington, D. C.

  • Can you call in prison from a landline?

  • However, as Lowdham Grange Prison proves, there is an alternative. At this prison, inmates are able to make calls from landlines, in their cells, 24 hours a day. They鈥檙e only permitted to call certain approved numbers, and pay in advance for their calls, which can be monitored.

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