can you have two phones with the same number

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  • Can I use the same number on two mobiles?

  • There is nothing stopping you swapping phones by putting the SIM card in a different number, but you cannot have the same number on two SIM cards. Re: Can I use the same number on two mobiles?

  • Can I use two SIM cards at the same time?

  • To clarify, devices with eSIM capability can use two different numbers at the same time, one with the physical SIM and one with the eSIM. However, there is not a capability for two different phones to use the same number.

  • Can you have more than one smartphone?

  • In modern times, it鈥檚 become a norm to have more than one smartphone. This could be for many reasons, perhaps needing a phone for both business and personal matters. Instead of having two different phone numbers, you might prefer to use the same cell number on two phones.

  • Can You ring multiple phones at the same time?

  • Some third-party services allow you to sign up for a phone number and have it ring multiple phones. Smartphone apps often allow you to use this number to make calls from those phones as well and you may be able to make calls and send texts from other devices, like computers and tablets.

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