can you listen to music on apple watch without phone

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  • Can an Apple Watch play music without an iPhone?

  • It might depend on the iPhone for a lot of things, but an Apple Watch can pretty much play music on its own. Even when there is no iPhone nearby. Many might not know this but if you have an Apple Watch 3 or newer you can actually store and play music right on the Apple Watch.

  • How to listen to music on AirPods with Apple Watch without iPhone?

  • On your iPhone Watch App, tap on Music. You can add songs/albums on your watch that should play using your bluetooth AirPods without your iPhone being near. Q: Music on AirPods with Apple Watch without iPhone nearby?

  • How to listen to Amazon Music on Apple Watch?

  • How to Play Amazon Music on Apple Watch 1 Add Amazon music to iTunes Library. Launch the iTunes application on your computer. … 2 Sync Tidal Music to iPhone from iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and tap the [Device] button on the top right corner of iTunes. 3 Transfer Amazon Music to Apple Watch. …

  • Can you listen to music offline on the Apple Watch?

  • Controls include play/pause and a volume ring, along with the ability to swipe right to choose what offline content to listen to (as outlined above). Siri commands are also limited to your paired iPhone. While not as encompassing as Apple Music or Spotify, Pandora is still a decent music app for the Apple Watch.

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