can you see text messages on phone bill

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  • Do iMessages show up on my phone bill?

  • Only SMS/MMS messages will appear on your phone bill. iMessages (which are sent to other Apple device users who also have iMessage turned on) are billed as part of your Data allowance rather than as text messages.

  • How do I view my text messages and bills?

  • In order to view your records for text messages, choose 鈥淢enu鈥?located at the top right corner, and choose the option for 鈥淏ill鈥? Now, you can select the label that says 鈥淰iew Bill Details鈥? You will be taken to the page where you can view your paper bill.

  • Do you need the content of a text message on Bill?

  • Don’t necessarily need content of message, just that it did indeed occur. how do I find a text/number that was sent to my phone but isn鈥檛 showing up on the bill?

  • Can you see text messages history on your phone?

  • You can see your text messages history on your phone through the messages app. Or, you can view your archived messages as well. However, if you鈥檙e a Verizon user, you have the option to check out the last 5 days of messages with other Verizon users. Other mobile carriers do not provide this service as of the moment.

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