can you take a phone charger on a plane

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  • Can I take a portable charger on a plane?

  • I believe all portable chargers and power bank chargers currently available contain lithium ion batteries. With a few exceptions, you can take these in your carry on bag. The exception being any power banks larger than 100 watt hours.

  • Can I take a power bank on a plane?

  • Portable chargers or power banks containing a lithium ion battery must be packed in carry-on bags and take them with you on board the airplanes. Regular phone Chargers do not have batteries, so you can transport them without any restrictions within your carry on or checked baggage

  • Where to put your phone charger on a plane?

  • So if your phone has enough juice to get you to your destination you can stuff them right at the bottom of your bag. When you are using restrictive carry-on luggage it鈥檚 always good to try to save space and weight wherever you can. Here are a few tips regarding travel and phone chargers that you might not have thought about.

  • Can You Use Your Phone on an airplane?

  • For now, phone use is only allowed if you put your mobile phones and other gadgets with a cellular connection on airplane mode. This means that passengers can play games, read e-books, listen to podcasts, take pictures, and more while flying across the skies, provided that the cellular connection of the device isn鈥檛 being used.

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