can you use a straight talk phone with att

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If you purchased a phone containing a straight talk sim cardit has to be unlocked by straight talkbefore it can be used on the ATT network. Only way Straight Talk will unlock the phone if you are a verifiable Straight Talk customer for 12 months.

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  • Can I use an AT&T sim with Straight Talk?

  • Straight talk is a MVNO of ATT and I can put a ATT sim in it without the phone rejecting it but any other SIMS and it will say it isn’t supported under the activation policy. I don’t use ATT so I don’t have an active ATT sim to test cellular. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried it and it worked? Answered!

  • Is it possible to use a locked phone with Straight Talk?

  • Straight talk is not owned by or partners with ATT. They are a separate company that uses Verizon and ATT towers to provide service. 3. It is possible to use a locked phone with an ATT SIM card, but you do have to program the new networks APN (access point names) which are probably tracfone or something like it (ask them).

  • What kind of phones work on Straight Talk wireless?

  • Any ATT- or T-Mobile-compatible GSM phone that can use nano, micro, and standard SIM cards should work on the network without trouble, which covers a huge range of modern smartphones. Readers, what have your experiences been with Straight Talk Wireless?

  • Can I switch from AT&T family plan to Straight Talk?

  • Recently made the switch for 3 cell phones on an ATT family plan with 550 shared minutes to Straight Talk (ST) for unlimited minutes.

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