can you use a straight talk phone with att

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If you purchased a phone containing a straight talk sim cardit has to be unlocked by straight talkbefore it can be used on the ATT network. Only way Straight Talk will unlock the phone if you are a verifiable Straight Talk customer for 12 months.

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  • Can I use an AT&T sim with Straight Talk?

  • Straight talk is a MVNO of ATT and I can put a ATT sim in it without the phone rejecting it but any other SIMS and it will say it isn’t supported under the activation policy. I don’t use ATT so I don’t have an active ATT sim to test cellular. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried it and it worked? Answered!

  • Is it possible to use a locked phone with Straight Talk?

  • Straight talk is not owned by or partners with ATT. They are a separate company that uses Verizon and ATT towers to provide service. 3. It is possible to use a locked phone with an ATT SIM card, but you do have to program the new networks APN (access point names) which are probably tracfone or something like it (ask them).

  • Can I port my Number from AT&T to Straight Talk?

  • If you want to port your number, DO NOT call to cancel your ATT service before activating your Straight Talk SIM. Once the porting process is completed, ATT will automatically cancel your account and send a Final Bill. Do I need to unlock or jailbreak my iPhone before switching to Straight Talk?

  • Do I need to jailbreak my AT&T iPhone to use Straight Talk?

  • No, you DON鈥橳 need to unlock or jailbreak your ATT iPhone for it to work on Straight Talk. Do I need to update my iPhone鈥檚 APN settings in order to send MMS and access the Internet? If your phone is running iOS version 7.03 or later, the APN settings should update automatically when your Straight Talk service is activated.

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