do employers call you for phone interviews

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  • What should I know about phone interviews?

  • If you receive a call for a phone interview, it’s vital to know what employers are seeking so you can be successful. Everything from the tone of your voice to the way you close the call can count. Because an interviewer can’t see you during a phone interview, you have to rely on your vocal inflections to convey how you feel about the job.

  • Why can’t potential employees call the interview center phone number?

  • Both parties have logistical issues that have to be resolved, they may not know the number they will be using in advance. Because the company may be doing multiple phone interviews if they can reserve a conference room then that can be the number that the potential employee can call.

  • Should you use a speaker phone during a job interview?

  • Arrange for privacy (or a babysitter) if need be. It’s not a good idea to take the call on speakerphone. Though it might appear to help you take notes or be able to look at your resume, it could make it difficult for your interviewer to hear you. Don’t risk the chance of being misunderstood or losing a key answer to static.

  • Why should I call the interviewer before the interview?

  • This enables you to connect and begin the interview immediately, assuming the person you are calling is available. It also demonstrates that you take the hiring process seriously and that you want to clear-up any potential misunderstanding about the time of the scheduled interview. If the interviewer answers the phone, ask about your appointment:

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