do you need a 5g phone to get 5g

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  • What is 5G and how do I get 5G?

  • 5G is the fifth-generation of mobile networks, following 2G, 3G, and 4G. The latest phones, like the Galaxy Note20, are now being launched with 5G capability, with network providers following suit to provide 5G enabled plans. With Samsung you can buy either with a 5G enabled plan or SIM free 5G enabled mobile phone.

  • Do I need a new SIM card for 5G?

  • The short answer is that you do not need a new SIM for 5G, and your existing 4G SIM will work in your 5G phone; however, there may be some limitations. The SIM card used in 4G networks is based on the same specifications as the 3G SIMs (USIM), making them backwards and forward compatible.

  • Can I use 4G and 5G at the same time?

  • Since all mobile cellular technologies are backwards compatible, your 5G device (phone or router) will also allow you to access 4G LTE and 3G UMTS/HSPA. 5G networks work in two modes; NSA (Non-Stand-Alone) and SA (Stand-alone). The NSA mode is more common at the moment, and it uses both 4G and 5G networks simultaneously to improve your data rate.

  • Should you buy a 5G phone in 2021?

  • No, it’s not that anymore, and one look at our best budget 5G phones roundup will tell you why. With the Galaxy A32 5G being $282 over at Samsung, through the $799 iPhone 12, all the way to the $1199 Galaxy S21 Ultra, the 5G phone prices are no longer a factor to weigh your choice against in 2021.

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