how do i activate my new verizon phone

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How to Activate a Verizon Cell PhoneEnsure that your device will be compatible.Navigate to Activate a device on an existing line.Click the line you want to activate the device on.Select Yes or No…. (more items)See More….

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  • How do I Activate my Verizon iPhone?

  • Power on your new iPhone. The power button is on the right. After the initial startup 鈥渁pple鈥?you will be taken to the Activation screen. Confirm your phone number. This will be displayed on the page. If it matches your expectations you can proceed, otherwise contact Verizon support. Tap Next.

  • How do I Find my Verizon activation code?

  • If your new phone is activation-locked, you’ll be prompted for the four-digit PIN that you use to log into Verizon services (or identify yourself in Verizon stores). If you aren’t the account holder, speak to the Verizon account holder for your plan to obtain the code.

  • What do I do if my Verizon phone won’t activate?

  • Contact Verizon if you run into trouble. If you can’t activate your replacement phone, call (800) 922-0204 to speak with a Verizon support. You can also visit a Verizon retail outlet to have the employees activate your Android for free.

  • Do I need a Verizon SIM card to Activate my Phone?

  • All phones must be compatible with the Verizon network and have a Verizon SIM card to use the network. Thanks! If at any time you encounter difficulties activating, you can call Verizon customer service at (800) 837-4966.

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