how do i clear my cache on my android phone

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  • How to clear all apps cache on Android?

  • You can take the following guide to clear all apps cache on Android. Step 1 Go to Settings and tap on Storage. Step 2 You’ll see the total storage and other useful information such as Used space, System memory, etc. Click Cached data option and then a pop up window will show up saying This will clear cached data for all apps.

  • How do I clear storage on my Android phone?

  • Open Settings, and then swipe to and tap Apps. Select or search for the app you want to clear. Tap Storage, tap Clear data, and then tap OK. This will completely wipe the app and reset it to the original settings. If you need some extra help with your phone鈥檚 storage, memory, and app usage, you can use Device care.

  • How do I clear my cache on Chrome?

  • Open Chrome and tap the triple-dot icon. 2. Tap 鈥淗istory.鈥?3. At the top of the History menu, tap 鈥淐lear browsing data鈥︹€?4. Optionally, you can select a time range from the drop-down menu, so that you鈥檙e only clearing cached files gained within a certain amount of recency.

  • What is cached data and how do I clear it?

  • Cached data helps apps load faster by keeping temporary files such as thumbnails, scripts, and video snippets on your phone instead of loading them from the web each time. But cached data can quickly fill up your phone鈥檚 storage. When you clear your cache, you wipe all multimedia and non-essential data from the targeted application.

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