how do i delete cookies on my android phone

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How to Delete Cookies on PuffinTap the three-dot menu icon .Tap Settings icon on top right.Tap Clear browsing data .Tap the checkbox next to All cookies and site data .Tap Clear .See More….

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  • How do I clear cookies on my Android phone?

  • In fact, the cookies are the cached data of your browser so you can clean them by clear the application caches in Android settings. This operation would only remove the cached or useless App files from your device but won’t delete any other data on your phone.

  • How do I Delete my cookies and cache from Google Chrome?

  • You can delete your cookies and cache from within the Android version of Google Chrome by first tapping the More button in the top right corner of the browser, indicated by a column of three dots, then tapping History, then Clear browsing data.

  • How do I clear my browser settings and cookies?

  • Tap the red 鈥淥鈥?at the bottom of your browser. Tap Settings in the resulting pop-up menu. Go to Clear. Afterward, you can either clear specific things, such as saved passwords or cookies, or you can just select Clear All. You will be asked if you鈥檙e sure you want to clear the data. Choose Yes.

  • How do I clear cookies on Ecosia?

  • Clear Cookies on Ecosia 1 Tap the three-dot menu at the bottom right of your screen. 2 Tap Settings . 3 Tap Privacy . 4 Tap Clear browsing data . 5 Check the box next to Cookies and site data . 6 Tap Clear Data and confirm the deletion by tapping Clear .

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