how do i recycle mobile phones

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  • How can I Recycle my Old phone?

  • How Else Can I Recycle My Old Phone? Any mobile phone can also be disposed of via you local council’s ‘small electricals’ recycling, either through your kerbside collection or at your local recycling centre.

  • What happens to your mobile when you recycle it?

  • Recycling 50,000 mobiles saves 99 tonnes of mineral resources and 19 tonnes of CO2 emissions. To find out how much impact you鈥檙e making from recycling your phone visit the MobileMuster Calculator. Before you recycle your mobile, make sure to transfer any data off the phone that you would like to keep like music, pictures or documents.

  • Can you recycle cell phone cases?

  • Cell phone cases are usually made of rigid plastic, which has a limited recycling market. You can try to sell them on eBay or donate to a thrift store, but you鈥檙e unlikely to find a recycler. If your new phone is the same size as your old one, consider reusing the case.

  • How do I dispose of my cell phone battery?

  • Most cell phone batteries are lithium-ion batteries, which require special transportation for recycling, so this is especially important if using a manufacturer鈥檚 mail-back program. Use the Recycling Locator to find a drop-off location near you. Find Recycling Guides for Other Materials

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