how do i temporarily disable my child’s phone verizon

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  • What happens if I change my child’s phone number on Verizon?

  • If you change the phone number of your parent device, your Verizon Smart Family account will be suspended, and you’ll need to re-subscribe to the service. You’ll also need to set up all of your controls again. If your child changes their phone number, all of their controls will need to be reset.

  • How do I pick up my child from Verizon Smart family?

  • Use the location check-in feature, where kids can send you their precise location when they arrive at their destination Use the Pick Me Up feature that lets your child send a request for a ride to a parent line What notifications will my child receive from Verizon Smart Family?

  • Why does Verizon Smart family Say my Child is not active?

  • If your child agreed to allow Verizon Smart Family to collect web browsing and app activity from their device, your child will also see their online activity as it鈥檚 presented on the parent device. If the Companion app isn’t paired, the message will read: Not active.

  • Can I See my Child’s device’s location outside the Verizon service area?

  • As such, some features may be unavailable outside of this service area. However, if your child’s device is paired with the Smart Family Companion app and is connected to Wi-Fi when it’s outside the Verizon network or roaming internationally, you’ll be able to see the device’s location. Data usage may apply when roaming.

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