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  • Can inmates call personal cell phones in prison?

  • Inmates are also allowed to call personal cell phones as long as the service provider provides for such. Cell phones allow debit cards since the costs are cut from the inmate鈥檚 call account. Call forwarding is not allowed in most federal facilities.

  • How much do prisoners get paid for cell phones?

  • Some inmates pay up to $1,500 per cell phone. In 2011, two employees at a prison boasted they made $100,000 smuggling. Some staff get involved in personal relationships with inmates. For them, a cell phone is a communication method to keep in touch while not at work.

  • Why do prisoners get cell phones confiscated?

  • Cell phones are contraband in prison, so if a guard discovers one in a prisoner鈥檚 cell or on a prisoner鈥檚 person, the guard will likely confiscate it. Prisoners get these phones into their cells by smuggling. Sometimes it鈥檚 as simple as a friend or family member throwing a phone over the prison yard fence.

  • Why do UK prisons have cell phone jammers?

  • Despite these concerns, jails in other countries, such as England, have implemented jammers because of the prevalence of cell phones [source: Northern Echo ]. However, some argue that cell phone smuggling simply is a reaction to the outrageous costs inmates’ families incur when they must accept collect calls from prison.

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