how do you get an obama phone

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  • How can I get a free Obama phone?

  • With every consumer who has phone service paying into the fund, it has created a large pool from which the Lifeline Assistance program draws its funds for the Obama phone program. Gaining approval to receive a free Obama phone is done in two ways, by income or participation in a government funded program.

  • Can I bring my own cell phone to the Obama office?

  • Here is a list of Obama phone providers that let you bring your own phone to use with their plan (remember to first find out which provider is available in your area). SafeLink Wireless 鈥?the most well-known company that offers Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone plans is in 39 states and lets its users bring their own phones.

  • What is the Obama phone and how does it work?

  • This program to help needy Americans get free cell phones and free minutes was dubbed 鈥淥bama Phone鈥?in recent years because of its rapid expansion during the Barack Obama presidency. To clear up any possible confusion, it is important to state up front that the Obama Phone is the popular, unofficial name of the Lifeline Assistance program.

  • How much do you need to earn to get an Obama phone?

  • But in other states, it is set at 150%. Believe it or not, an Hawaiian couple with six children can earn as much as $62,249 and still be eligible for an Obama Phone. Most people qualify for a Lifeline Assistance Obama Phone cell because they participate in a federal or state assistance program.

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