how to block a phone number android

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  • How do I block calls on my Android phone?

  • In your phone app, go to the recent tab. Tap on the phone number or entry you want to block to expand the details. Tap on Call Details.. On the detail screen, tap Block Number.. You will be asked if you actually want to block calls from the selected number.

  • How to block a number on a Samsung phone?

  • How to Block a Number on a Samsung Phone 1 Open your Android’s Phone app. 2 Tap Settings. 3 Tap Block numbers. 4 Enter a number. 5 Tap Done. See More….

  • What does it mean when a number is blocked on iPhone?

  • This means that no calls and text messages will go through to your phone from a blocked sender. However, you can still contact a blocked phone number through a phone call and the recipient should be able to answer your call. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… Created with Sketch.

  • How to hide your phone number on Android?

  • Hiding your number on Android takes a bit more steps, but it鈥檚 still pretty straightforward. Follow these steps to block your phone number on Android: This way, your Caller ID is perfectly hidden whenever you鈥檙e placing a call. Select 鈥楽how number鈥?if you want to turn the blocking option off again.

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