how to change time on nortel phone

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  • How do I change the time on my LG Nortel phone?

  • LG, LG Nortel and Ericsson LG LDK, NEXER, IPECS range TIME CHANGE 1 From the main extension (normally ext 100 or 10), 2 Press the 鈥淭rans/pgm鈥?Key 3 Dial 041, 4 Press the 鈥淗old/Save鈥?key 5 Dial the 24hr time 6 Then press the 鈥淗old/save鈥?key again ( please note that the changes will not become visible until you complete the… More …

  • How do I change the time on a Nortel Norstar system?

  • Changing time on a Nortel Norstar. The system Time and Date on a Norstar system must be done using a display phone. When using a M7310 or T7316 you will find the right 2 buttons beneath the display are NEXT and SHOW.

  • How do I enter the current hour on a Nortel phone?

  • Nortel phones (also known as Norstar phones) are phones generally used for office phone systems. Go to a Nortel phone with a display on it. (see reference 1) Enter the password for the phone network. (see reference 1) Press the Next button five times to reach the Time Date menu. Use the keypad to enter the current hour.

  • How to change the time on a Nortel M7310 phone?

  • After entering the minutes, you may press the RLS button (looks like a telephone handset with an arrow pointing down). 鈥?End of Session 鈥?will appear on the LCD screen and you will have successfully changed the time on your Nortel M7310 phone. For Method 2 and 3, you will need to log into system programming.

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