how to change time on nortel phone

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  • How do I change the time on a Nortel Meridian?

  • Changing the Time and Date on a Nortel Meridian. First start by entering the Programming Mode by Pressing Feature and * *8463 and the password default of 266344 and the display should show: Hour: 01 along with Next and Change. Select Change and then the display should show Hour:__, where you can enter the 2 digits for the Hour and select AM or PM.

  • How do I change the year on a Nortel cell phone?

  • Push the Change button and use the keypad to enter the current minutes of the current time. Press Next again to proceed to the Year. Press Change and enter the year using the keypad. Note that some Nortel phones will accept a four-digit year (such as 2011), while others will accept the last two digits only (such as 11).

  • How do I enter the current hour on a Nortel phone?

  • Nortel phones (also known as Norstar phones) are phones generally used for office phone systems. Go to a Nortel phone with a display on it. (see reference 1) Enter the password for the phone network. (see reference 1) Press the Next button five times to reach the Time Date menu. Use the keypad to enter the current hour.

  • How do I change the time on the clock?

  • Press the CHANGE softkey button underneath the LCD window. Using the keypad, enter in the hour, using two digits. Example: 2 PM would be 02 The LCD changes and shows AM. If you need AM, press the OK softkey. If you need PM, press the CHANGE softkey and then press OK. Press the NEXT softkey under the LCD window.

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