how to connect fitpro watch to phone

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Go to鈥楽et鈥?(in the FitPro app) Click on 鈥楤ind device鈥?/strong>Select your Smart watch from the list of devices Once your watch is connected, it will automatically sync the Time and Date Ensure your watch is close to your smartphone and that, your smartphone is connected to the internet. Also, check that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

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  • How to use fitpro smart watch?

  • How To Use Fitpro Smart Watch? For instructions on connecting the Fitbit to your phone, scroll down. THE PHONE鈥橲 BLUETOOTH must be turned ON. DOWNLOAD THE APP 鈥淜OUNGA HEALTH.鈥?. Activate it and then press zero. You can find your devices by clicking the 鈥淪EAR鈥?button. THE MAC AND TONIC should both match the exact formula.

  • How do I Pair My fitpro app with my Smartphone?

  • Check the FitPro permissions on the App Permission settings of the smartphone, and allow FitPro app to run in the background and receive notifications. See the video tutorial below for the FitPro app Pairing Guide in Android platform. Here is the link for the iOS platform

  • How to bind the y68 smartwatch to the fitpro app?

  • On the app, select 鈥?Bind Devices to experience more features 鈥?the app will ask to activate the 鈥?Open Location Services/location information 鈥?if it鈥檚 still not turned on. 5. The FitPro app will search for the device, if you see the Y68 smartwatch, tap on it to select and bind the device to your smartphone.

  • How do I connect my fitness smartwatch to my Smartphone?

  • This post presents an easy way to setup your fitness smartwatch and connect it to your smartphone for the best experience. FitPro is a fitness app that is allows you to sync smartwatches and bracelets via Bluetooth.

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