how to cool down phone

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A quick way to cool down an overheating phone issetting it down away from your other active devices. Turn your phone offIf all else fails, one of the best ways to cool down your phone is to simply turn it off.

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  • How to cool down your phone when it is too hot?

  • How to Cool Down Your Phone: Try These 8 Methods When Your Phone Is Hot! 1 Avoid Hot Places 2 Use It Less 3 Turn It Off and On 4 Separate Your Electronics 5 Take Off Phone Cover 6 Remove Unnecessary Apps 7 Avoid Huge, Battery Consuming Games While Charging 8 Use Specific Apps

  • How to fix an overheating Android phone?

  • Your mobile phone must be overheating after running for a long time. So, just turn it off for a while to cool down the device. Place your overheating Android phone to a cool place, which can cool it down efficiently and quickly. Your phone cover often is one of the reasons of causing the overheating of your phone.

  • Can I put my phone in the fridge to cool it?

  • But remember, placing your phone in somewhere cool doesn鈥檛 mean putting it into a refrigerator, because that will also cause damage to your phone. However, you can cool down your phone by putting it in front of a fan or air conditioner vent.

  • How do I Stop my Phone from heating up when charging?

  • You need to stop charging the mobile phone when it is fully charged or the redundant energy will make the device heated. – Place the phone in somewhere hot. If you put your phone in sunlight, near the stove or other place in high temperature, it will become heated as well. – …

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