how to cool down phone

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A quick way to cool down an overheating phone issetting it down away from your other active devices. Turn your phone off If all else fails,one of the best ways to cool down your phone is to simply turn it off.

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  • How to cool down Android phone/tablet?

  • How to Cool Down Overheating Android Phone/Tablet 1 Keep your phone in a cool place. 2 Power off the device. 3 Use two or three applications at once. 4 Update or uninstall your Apps. 5 Wipe cache partition on the phone. 6 … (more items)

  • How to cool down an overheated smartphone?

  • The best way to cool down an overheated smartphone is to leave it aside for some time. If you鈥檙e using the camera, close it for a couple of minutes. Also, please do not use the phone while charging as it鈥檒l generate more heat, causing the temperature to rise. 2. Keep Away from the Heat

  • How to keep Android phone cool during summer?

  • For a newer Android phone, 1-2 hours of heavy usage and a 20-30mins break should help keep your Android phone cool. Although, you may have to decrease the usage time for older phones (particularly over a year old). 2.

  • Can you put a case on your phone to cool it down?

  • The case replacement must be open from the front and lighter on the back. If possible, you can also drill holes in the backside of your current phone case to make it less suffocating. Best of all, you can get a cell phone cooling case 鈥?like this one from R B 鈥?that will actually help cool down your phone.

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