how to cool off phone

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A quick way to cool down an overheating phone issetting it down away from your other active devices. Turn your phone off If all else fails, one of the best ways to cool down your phone is to simply turn it off.

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  • How to cool down your smartphone?

  • How to Cool Down Your Phone: Try These 8 Methods When Your Phone Is Hot! 1 Avoid Hot Places. This should be the most obvious one. Surrounding temperatures play a huge factor in the well-being of your beloved smartphone. The … 2 Use It Less. 3 Turn It Off and On. 4 Separate Your Electronics. 5 Take Off Phone Cover. More items

  • How do I Stop my Android phone from overheating?

  • Turning off the connectivity features like Wifi, Bluetooth, Location, and Wifi Hotspot can help cool down your Android phone. You can also turn off mobile data or toggle airplane mode if you鈥檙e not using it. Disabling the unwanted hardware will use up less battery and also cause lesser heat.

  • What to do when the phone is in the Sun?

  • If the phone is extremely hot in sun, stop using it and move it to cold it, do not use the phone until it cools down. The phone will cool down faster after taking the protective case off. #2. Close hardly used programs in the background.

  • How can I Make my Phone last longer in hot weather?

  • 4. Don’t push your phone to its limits Whether or not the weather is hot, there are things you can do to heat up your phone – playing intense games, editing video or photos, or plugging it in to charge at a high speed can warm up the phone.

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