how to delete a phone

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How to Deactivate a PhoneCall your carrier.Log into your account on your carrier’s website.Change your passwords.Call your carrier from your phone.Ask for your service to be canceled.See More….

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  • How do I delete a number from my phone?

  • A Delete button will appear to the right. You can only delete a number this way if it’s not the one being used for Messages and Facetime. If you don’t see the option to delete the phone number, and instead see a warning that the number is being used for Messages or Facetime, follow these steps:

  • How to clear a single phone number on Android phone?

  • Way 1: Clear a single phone number Step 1. Open the Android Contacts app. On some mobile phones, it is also called People. Scroll down to find the phone number to clear on the list. Generally speaking, the contacts are arranged in alphabetical order. Step 2.

  • How to delete everything on Android phone?

  • Click the Erase button at the bottom right and tap on the OK on the pop-up page. – Finally, Samsung Eraser will start the erasing process and it will end in a short time. If your mobile phone is other brands of Android, do you know how to delete everything on Android?

  • How do I clear data from my Samsung phone?

  • Here is how to clear Samsung via factory reset: Step 1. Data Backup If needed, you can back up your data to another place, like the PC or the storage hard disc. If you… Step 2. Go to Settings When you backed up the data, go to the Settings on the Samsung phone. Then choose the … Step 3. …

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