how to delete a phone

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The easiest way to wipe a Windows Phone 7,8 or 8.1,or Windows 10 Mobile device is toperform a factory resetand then load dummy data to overwrite traces of the original data. Step 1: Open up Settings About Reset Your Phone. Step 2: Confirm the action and then wait for the phone to wipe.

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  • How do I Delete My Old phone number from my iPhone?

  • Tap your Apple ID under Caller ID and select Sign Out. Now that you’re signed out in both locations, the old phone number is no longer associated with your iPhone. Tap the red Delete button. A confirmation pop-up will appear.

  • How do I delete all data from my phone?

  • When prompted, enter your security code or pattern, then tap Delete all data to restore your phone to factory settings. You can wipe its free space with a file shredder if you’re still paranoid about your data being recovered. But this is pretty much how you can delete all your data from your phone.

  • How to erase all settings on Android device?

  • In the end, to erase all settings on your android phone or tablet, you need to tap 鈥?Factory data reset鈥?on android device when a pop-up message is sent to you. dr.fone 鈥?Android Data Eraser is a feasible and safe software to help you completely get rid of useless data from your Android devices.

  • How to wipe Samsung phone using Find my Phone feature?

  • Please follow the steps below to wipe your Samsung phone using Samsung’s Find my phone feature. Step 1. Unlock your Samsung phone and tap on Settings. Step 2. Scroll down the screen to click the Lock screen and security option. Step 3. Choose Find My Mobile option and toggle on Remote Controls option.

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