how to dial out on cisco phone

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  • How do I dial International numbers from my Cisco phone?

  • This article will detail the steps necessary to dial international numbers from Cisco phones. Your Cisco services are designed setup to send and receive all calls to carriers in the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) E.164 + format. This format is the internationally-standardized format for all phone numbers globally.

  • How do I make a conference call on a Cisco phone?

  • Place a call to another number. When call connects, press Confrn again to add new party to existing call with first party. To establish a conference call between two callers to a Cisco phone, one active and the other on hold, press Confrn .

  • How do I Dial A number on my phone?

  • When you dial a number on your phone, you enter a series of digits. When you set up a speed-dial number, the speed-dial number must contain all the digits you need to make the call. For example, if you need to dial 9 to get an outside line, you enter the number 9 and then the number you want to dial.

  • How do you dial a 911 number without a dial out?

  • When placing a 911 call you do not need to dial your dial out digit (8 or 9). Simply dial the three-digit number. 2. For directory assistance-411 calls, you will need to enter your dial out digit (8 or 9) plus 1 (e.g. 81-411).

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