how to facetime with an android phone

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To join a FaceTimecall on Android, you will need to have a meeting link shared with you on a messaging app such as WhatsApp or via text. 1. Find the meeting link that the host has shared with you. 2. Click the link to open FaceTimein your browser.

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  • How to install FaceTime on Android phone?

  • If you wish to Install the FaceTime app on an Android phone then you might have to wait a bit longer as the company has not yet launched the app. Users can only facetime using a link. Until and unless the Android user doesn鈥檛 have the link, they will not be able to join the call. 2. Creating FaceTime Link from Android

  • How do I invite an Android user to a FaceTime call?

  • To invite an Android; Launch FaceTime on iPhone/iPad Create Link Give FaceTime call a name Send link via messages or email. Once the Android user receives the link, they can open it and join the call.

  • How do I make a FaceTime call on my iPhone?

  • The link will open in the Chrome browser. On the webpage, enter your name as you鈥檇 like it to appear to others in the FaceTime call. Tap Continue. Then in the FaceTime Call pop-up alert that appears, tap the Join button. At this point, the iPhone user will then need to grant you access to the FaceTime call.

  • Can Windows users make FaceTime calls with FaceTime?

  • When FaceTime was first released, only iPhone, iPad, and Mac users could participate in calls – the latest smartwatches are still excluded, unfortunately. Now, people using Windows and Android devices can also be invited to FaceTime calls.

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