how to find people on facebook by phone number

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  • Can you find someone on Facebook with just their phone number?

  • Read on to find out. Not only can you find someone on Facebook with just their phone number, it鈥檚 actually really easy to do so if they haven鈥檛 set up their privacy settings properly. To find any Facebook user using just a phone number, you can simply do so by following these steps: Click the search bar at the top left.

  • How do I search for a specific person on Facebook?

  • Make sure you tap the search or enter key on your keyboard to initiate the search. You can enter (555)555-5555 or 5555555555, the formatting does not matter. A single search result should appear. If you don’t get a result, that person probably has their profile set to private and won’t show up in search results.

  • How to search someone鈥檚 social media profiles using a phone number?

  • Here鈥檚 how you can search someone鈥檚 social networks using a phone number: Go to the search page of BeenVerified. Enter the phone number and hit SEARCH. Wait for BeenVerified to search the databases. Once it locates a match, it鈥檒l generate a report containing all the available social media profiles associated with this phone number.

  • How do I find a business on Facebook by phone number?

  • Open the Facebook app. Tap the looking glass search icon in the top right corner. Add the phone number as a series of digits with no breaks or formatting, and include the area code. Hit search, and you should get the result you wanted at the top of the page. You can then follow the search result to find the business鈥檚 Facebook Page.

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