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  • How to fix a broken cell phone?

  • [Solution] How to Fix a Cell Phone 1 Check the batteries. 2 Remove the back cover of your phone. 3 Remove the old battery and place the new one. 4 Charge your phone. 5 Have your phone checked at a repair shop. 6 … (more items) See More….

  • How to fix Android phone won’t turn on?

  • Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer and go to the left side bar to click on Android Repair tab. The program will show you the Android problems it can fix. You can browse it and click the button of Start. Step 3.

  • How to fix a frozen cell phone?

  • [Solution] How to Fix a Frozen Cell Phone 1 Plug your phone into a charger. There’s a chance that your phone has run out of battery and will not turn on. … 2 Close the frozen app. 3 Restart your iPhone manually. 4 Force your phone to restart. 5 Check for an update. 6 Delete recently installed apps. See More….

  • How to fix a disabled iPhone?

  • Launch this disabled iPhone fixing software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it with USB cable. Click More tools on the left column and then tab the iOS System Recovery on the preview window. After that, click Start button to begin to fix disabled iPhone.

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