how to get a girl’s phone number

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  • How do I get a girl鈥檚 number?

  • Present your phone to make getting her number an easy process and a no-brainer that she won鈥檛 want to refuse. As you make your request verbally, pull up the 鈥淎dd New Contact鈥?screen on your phone. Then hand it to her so she can type in her name and number. This tactic works well in a noisy environment, like a bar or a concert.

  • What to do when a girl won’t give you her number?

  • What to do Instead: After you get her phone number, say, Here, I’ll give you mine, and either call her from your phone or grab her phone and add yourself in. 3. Making the Phone Number the Goal

  • Should you ask for a girl’s phone number?

  • If you’ve met a girl you like, getting her phone number is the next step in forming a great connection and setting up a date. But asking for her digits can be a daunting task.

  • How to ask a girl for her number without being creepy?

  • Is it good to be straightforward, or should one go in a roundabout way or is there really a way in which you won鈥檛 give the creepy vibes and she would happily hand you her number? We tell you 8 smart ways in which you can ask a girl for her number. 1. Don鈥檛 try to use obligation All of us know at least one person like this. This is the 鈥榞ood guy鈥?

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