how to get over phone anxiety

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How to Get Over Phone AnxietyFocus on the Goal of the Call. Rather than worrying about what can go wrong or what the other person is thinking,focus on the goal of the call.Come to Terms with What Can Go Wrong. Let鈥檚 get this out of the way first: You will mess up. Now read that again. …Be Curious About the Other Person. Whether you鈥檙e making a sales call or trying to get a new client on the hook,the goal is to create a relationship …Create a Script and Rehearse It. Remember how we mentioned to jot down your answers as a reference point? Well,it鈥檚 time to expand on that.Reflect on Past Sales Calls. If the thought of hearing your own voice on a recording makes you grit your teeth and feel even more anxious,you鈥檙e not alone.

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  • How do I stop being anxious about making phone calls?

  • Learn relaxation techniques to use when making and receiving calls, such as deep breathing. Talk to your therapist about ways to reduce your phone anxiety symptoms. Does CBD help anxiety?

  • Do you have phone anxiety?

  • Phone anxiety is very real. What鈥檚 worse is that it affects us the most in the workplace, where we鈥檙e forced to utilize the phone for sales and other business-related calls. If you tend to avoid answering the phone or making calls, then you鈥檒l want to keep reading. In this article, we鈥檒l provide 5 tips on how to overcome phone anxiety.

  • How do I stop being scared to answer the phone?

  • Use call screening. If you’re afraid of answering the phone, call screening can ease your anxiety. Answer calls from people in your contact list. Otherwise, allow calls to go to voicemail so you’ll have an idea of what someone is calling you about.

  • How to overcome phone anxiety in sales?

  • 5 Tips for Overcoming Phone Anxiety 1. Start by picking up the phone. 2. Plan for multiple touches in multiple ways. 3. Dedicate a calendar block each day, and be persistent. 4. Make your interruptions valuable for prospects. 5. Deliver content that’s relevant to your prospects.

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