how to get past discord phone verification

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  • Why can’t I verify my discord account?

  • The issues can be: 1 Wrong or invalid chosen country code 2 Burner number detection, which is blocked by Discord 3 Another account that used the same phone number during verification 4 You do not have a phone number for verification 5 Incorrect verification code entered More …

  • How to bypass SMS verification on Discord?

  • You can block messages, add friends to a server using their tags, and see friends鈥?suggestions. To use the Discord app, you have to bypass SMS verification discord. For this step, Discord will ask you to add your phone number. One concern that Discord users have is that the app does not remove your number manually.

  • Why does discord say my phone number is invalid?

  • At times, you may get a notification from Discord saying that your phone number is invalid. This can happen when: You choose the wrong country code for your number The system detects a burner number and blocks it You don鈥檛 use a mobile phone line鈥攍andline or VOIP numbers won鈥檛 work

  • How to activate discord account?

  • To activate your Discord account, you will receive SMS verification from Discord. You don鈥檛 have to put your personal number to get a verification code from Discord. Apps like PingMe can generate a secondary number to receive SMS verification online.

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