how to not get car sick while looking at phone

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  • What can I do if I get car sickness?

  • Consider alternative forms of transportation. Some people who experience car sickness also experience motion sickness in other vehicles, such as trains, buses, and planes. Some people, however, only experience motion sickness in the car. Trains, buses, and planes might be viable forms of transit.

  • Can you get motion sickness from staring at your phone while driving?

  • It totally depends on the person. Unfortunately, this also means you can get motion sickness from staring at your phone or iPad or any other screen during a bumpy ride, even if you aren’t reading anything. Your eyes are still focused on a fixed object, so it’s the same as reading a book and can also make you sick, Rosenman says.

  • Why can’t I read in the car without feeling sick?

  • So that’s why some people legitimately can’t read in the car without feeling dizzy and sick. People often get it from reading in the car because their eyes are focusing on a steady thing, the book, but the inner ear senses motion, so your brain gets confused and you feel sick, Rosenman says.

  • Can you eat lollipops when you have car sickness?

  • Lollipops aren’t generally recommended for car sickness or for nausea, but they might be helpful if they, for whatever reason, help calm your car sickness. Avoid any candy that is high in sugars, though: those can make carsickness worse.

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