how to pay wells fargo credit card by phone

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Your payment will be posted to your Kirkland’s credit card promptly. Phone: Simply call Wells Fargo Customer Service at1-800-459-8451to pay using your checking account with no fee. Can you pay your credit card at the ATM?

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  • How do I pay my Wells Fargo cell phone bill?

  • Just use your Wells Fargo consumer credit card to pay your monthly cell phone bill, and you will get up to $600 of protection, subject to $25 deductible, against covered damage or theft. The following are some of the Wells Fargo consumer credit cards that provide the Cellular Telephone Protection:

  • How does Wells Fargo credit card phone insurance work?

  • Wells Fargo credit card phone insurance is a way to protect your phone against theft or damage without paying extra. If you pay your phone bill with your Wells Fargo personal credit card, you鈥檒l be automatically covered for up to $600 per claim with a $25 deductible. You can make a maximum of two claims of up to $1,200 in a 12-month period.

  • Where do I Mail my Wells Fargo credit card?

  • Mail: Wells Fargo Card Services P. O. Box 71118 Charlotte, NC 28272-1118 This address is provided for your convenience.

  • How do I Check my Wells Fargo credit card balance?

  • To check your Wells Fargo credit card balance, log in to your Wells Fargo account online or call credit card customer service at 1-877-805-7744. It鈥檚 also possible to check your Wells Fargo credit card balance through the Wells Fargo app or by texting BAL to 93557.

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